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 Adopt a Homeless Pet Adopt an Animal - Canada

Canadian!4 Legged Love - Toronto and Ontario dog rescue and adoption group.

Canadian!Abbey Cat Adoptions - a non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for abandoned cats and kittens in the Toronto area.

Canadian!Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) - rescues stray and abandoned dogs and cats from First Nations and rural areas and places them in loving, permanent homes.

Canadian!Annex Cat Rescue - a charity dedicated to helping stray and feral cats in downtown Toronto. Foster homes, vet care and adoptions are arranged.

Canadian!Canadian Dachshund Rescue - helps Canadians adopt rescued dachshunds, and helps dachshunds and dachshund-mixes in need of new homes.

Canadian!CARES (Canadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter) - provides shelter for stray, abandoned and unwanted cats in a safe, loving, cageless environment.

Canadian!Cat Rescue and Adoption - online guide to adopting cats and kittens from animal rescue groups in Canada and around the world.

Canadian!D'Arcy's A.R.C (Animal Rescue Centre) - a registered charity providing animal rescue in Manitoba. Our shelter is dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs from situations of abandonment, homelessness, neglect and abuse.

Canadian!Dhana Metta Rescue Society - registered non-profit society, dedicated to small & medium dogs throughout Canada & the United States.

Eskies Online - a non-profit organization that rescues homeless American Eskimo Dogs and finds qualified, permanent, adoptive homes for them.

Canadian!Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta (Calgary, AB) - FRFA is a registered charity that provides rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing for cats living on the streets. We are a no-kill organization.

Canadian!Friends of Abandoned Pets (FOAP) (Ottawa, ON) - an independent, non-profit organization that helps abandoned, homeless dogs and cats.

Canadian!FosteringFelines - helps unwanted, stray and feral cats in northern regions of the Greater Toronto Area. Involved in spay/neuter and release, vaccinating and feeding ferals as well as fostering and adopting tamable ferals, stray and unwanted cats.

Furr Angels! - dedicated to raising awareness and support for homeless dogs and cats, with a list those waiting for homes from several shelters across the United States. - promotes the humane treatment of animals through education. Also assists with animal placement and adoptions in the New York area.

Heart Bandits - an all-volunteer organization devoted to the rescue of "Eskies", the American Eskimo Dog.

Canadian!Leo Rescue Ontario - a small rescue group dedicated to the rescue, care and placement of lost, surrendered, and homeless Leonbergers. - a military pet rescue and foster organization.

Canadian!MEOW Foundation - facilitates the adoption of abandoned cats in the Calgary area.

Canadian!Misty Creek Dog Rescue - a no-kill/non-profit dog rescue facility, We help all dogs/puppies that are no longer wanted and need to find new forever homes.

Canadian!The Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection - a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing homeless animals while promoting responsible pet ownership in Northern Alberta.

Canadian!Parkland Animal K-9 Society (PAKS) - based in Parkland County, Alberta. Rescues, rehabilitates, retrains and re-homes the numerous stray or unwanted animals that are held at the Parkland County Pound Facility. - a non-profit organization that provides sanctuary for and specializes in caring for largely non-adoptable stray cats and dogs.

Canadian!Pets for Life Foundation - develops and facilitates programs for homeless, abandoned, and neglected pets.

Canadian!Pet Patrol - no-kill cat rescue in Waterloo, Ontario.

Canadian!SAINTS (Senior Animals In Need Today Society) - helps senior and special needs animals by finding them a special home of their own, if possible, and otherwise providing a special place where they will be safe and cherished until the end of their days.

Canadian!Second Chance Animal Rescue Society - dedicated to reducing the number of homeless and abandoned animals in the Athabasca and Lakeland area (northern Alberta).

Senior Dogs Project - to celebrate, value, and protect senior dogs and provide them with the best care available. List of dogs available for adoption to loving homes.

Canadian!SHARP - offers education, foster homes and adoption, along with lifetime support to our adopters and other Siberian Husky owners.

Canadian!SiberRescue - Rescuing and Rehoming Siberian Huskies and Husky mixes. Based out of York Region, Ontario.

Canadian!Southern Alberta Greyhound Association is a volunteer-run organization where Greyhound adoption is so much more than just placing Greyhounds in adoptive homes.

Canadian!Speaking of Dogs Rescue - Toronto-based organization dedicated to educating and enlightening people about dogs through seminars, workshop forums, outreach and rescue.

Canadian!Toronto Cat Rescue - help cats escape situations of abuse or neglect, or euthanasia at a pound, and then tries to them into loving homes.

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